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Vendée Mer Hotel, La Mothe Achard, near Sables d'Olonne
Vendée Mer Hotel, La Mothe Achard, near Sables d'Olonne

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Spa hotel in the Vendee : Wellbeing centre

Relax, recharge your batteries, feel great - the wellbeing and fitness centre located on the top floor will meet your needs.




Hôtel Vendée Mer - Brit Hotel
Hôtel Vendée Mer - Brit Hotel

Turkish bath

Relax your muscles and free your body of toxins by plunging into a steam bath.



Showering, the essential ritual to begin your relaxation session


Before entering the turkish bath, start by having a shower.  It will become your ritual to help you relax and to allow your body to adjust to the water.  Then, open the door and feel the heat.  Even the most contracted muscles cannot resist the heat.  Steam heated to 50° saturated to 100° humidity relaxes the muscles.

The aim of the turkish bath is not to sweat but to relax and cleansen the skin.  It also eliminates the body's toxins thanks to the saturated, humid air.  The body becomes soft and lethargic in the steam and heat.  To avoid falling asleep, leave the bath at regular intervals to have a shower.